Barangay Mainit in Bontoc and Barangays Sacasacan, Poblacion and Demang in Sadanga, Mt. Province on September 26, 2020 forged an Inter Barangay Agreement to maintain and preserve the natural state of water table and watershed within the areas of Adod, Namagayan, Kiyom, Fay-engan, Kaykay (Tokotok), Sherkan, Foshaw, Maguron and Farnek. 

Barangay officials and elders who represented the barangays agreed to maintain, preserve and avoid disturbances and alterations in the natural state of the water table and allow the natural flow of water in the above mentioned places which are their tribal boundary areas.

The agreement therefore prohibited any illegal mining or logging activities in the area and violators shall be heavily penalized by the community in addition to legal cases which shall be filed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Cordillera Administrative Region (DENR-CAR) and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau-Cordillera Administrative Region (MGB-CAR). Furthermore, the agreement stated that previous illegal mining activities in some areas of Farnek and illegal logging activities in some areas of Adod, Namagayan and Kiyong,have resulted to negative effects to the environment and strained relationships among the people of said barangays.  The agreement hopes to resolve these issues among the people of the two municipalities.

The local government officials in the said barangays shall oversee compliance to the agreement. Moreover, they have been deputized by MGB-CAR to apprehend illegal small-scale miners.


Farnek 1

Drone shot of Farnek in Mainit, Mt. Province

Farnek 2

Drone shot of former small-scale mining sites in Farnek, Mainit, Mt. Province.